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Maximise the benefits of exercise with optimum nutrition

As an athlete you undoubtedly pay the necessary attention to your diet to have enough energy, to support your heart and to keep your brain (concentration) on track and to support your muscles.

While it is important to add omega-3 to the diet through diet, it is not always possible to meet nutritional needs. If this is the case, a supplement can be a valuable addition.

How Omega-3 Can Help With Recovery

When exercising, the formation of free radicals and inflammatory reactions in the muscle tissue can increase. Omega-3 fatty acids are converted in the body into hormone-like substances (prostagladins) with an anti-inflammatory effect and can therefore positively influence health and improve performance.

Vitamin-D and Omega-3: teamwork in action

About 1 billion people have low vitamin D levels, including many athletes.

Vitamin D is essential for bone production and also for maintaining muscle strength. Since vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is best absorbed into the body with a fatty acid, such as omega-3.

365FIT omega-3 vitamin D3 supplement capsules

365FIT omega-3 + vitamin D3

✔ Good for your heart, brain and vision
✔ Good for your muscles and immune system
✔ Natural 60% concentrated omega-3 oil
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NewDay® 365Fit brings together omega-3 fatty acids with the highest quality vitamin D3 in a smart combination where they work together to support your brain, heart and eyes, as well as your muscles and immune system.

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Is your omega-3 index too low?

Take a professional lab test in your home to find out whether your omega-3 index and the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 are in good shape.


Omega-3 balance test