Why NewDay®

NewDay®, the right nutrients, for the right stage of life, in the right composition, supported by the right information.We are convinced a healthy diet complemented with balanced nutritional supplements makes an essential difference in everything you do. Natural supplements have the power to optimize your diet so you can be your strongest version! NewDay® products are carefully composed and meet the latest international guidelines and recommendations. We only use the best raw materials and of course the production process is checked step by step and fully certified.

The team

The team behind NewDay® has been active on the international level within the food ingredient sector for more than 25 years with expertise in omega-3. We really know a lot and are always optimizing! Precisely from this background we find it important to share our knowledge. Carefully composed top quality products substantiated with reliable information. All NewDay® products fit into a conscious and healthy life. NewDay® is a Dutch brand, made by and for those who want to get the best out of every NewDay.