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With a constant commitment to creating innovative nutritional supplements to support your diet and lifestyle, NewDay was founded to ensure you get the essential nutrients that your body needs.

Nutritional science for everyday life

NewDay scientists have decades of experience selecting and blending the highest quality ingredients to supply you with carefully considered nutritional formulas that help you achieve your goals.

By understanding that each health goal requires a different approach, NewDay combines the latest nutritional science with the highest quality specifications to create unique supplements that work in harmony with your daily life.


We are omega-3 experts

With more than 25 years’ experience developing nutritional supplements, our special expertise in omega-3 enables us to create carefully composed, premium standard products.

Many of our products are centred around omega-3 – an essential nutrient that plays an important role in the daily functioning of your body and promotes, among other things, heart, brain, eye and immune system health as well as supporting the healthy development of babies and children.

We control the complete manufacturing process, from selection of ingredients to the final production of capsules, and are able to ensure that our products meet the highest safety and quality requirements.


Quality as standard

Not all omega-3 supplements are created equal. With a total commitment to quality at every stage of the manufacturing process, we take extra steps that make NewDay omega-3 supplements stand out.

Beyond complying with EU food safety laws, we pursue our own internal standards of excellence and integrity to provide you with only the best.

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