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Is your child getting enough nutrition?

Current research has shown that the first 1000 days of life (from conception to two years of life) are crucial for the prevention of diseases later in life. Ensuring correct nutritional intake at this critical stage is important for your child's healthy development.

What are your prenatal needs?

"DHA" is a type of omega-3 fatty acid and is a fundamental nutrient for the growth and development of children and is also found in breast milk.

Let's take a look at your baby's feeding timeline:

Your baby's first months

Your baby only receives breast milk. Breast milk is the gold standard for infant nutrition, as recognized by the World Health Organization; it contains everything your baby needs, including DHA, which depends on the mother's intake.

Your baby from 6 months

The solid food phase: gradually you can start introducing different ingredients. While breast milk intake decreases, the baby becomes completely dependent on the omega-3 content of his or her diet. An omega-3 DHA supplement can be a good addition.

Why is Omega-3 important?

Omega-3s have important roles in the growth and development of children, such as:

  • The development of the central nervous system, with improvements in cognitive function
  • Visual development; recommended up to at least 1 year
  • Cardiovascular health and improvement of blood pressure
  • Supporting the immune system, it protects the child from allergies in early childhood.

Babies & Kids omega-3 vitamin D3 supplement capsules

Babies & Kids omega-3 + vitamin D3

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What makes NewDay® Babies & Kids special?

NewDay® Babies & Kids has been specially developed to meet the needs of children from 6 months and combines plant-based omega-3 and vitamin D3 with a natural orange flavour.

Why algae DHA?

Algae are the only known plant-based source of DHA. Mama Complete and Babies & Kids are specifically developed with algae DHA.

And vitamin D?

Babies, toddlers and even older children need extra vitamin D because bone and teeth build up much faster in the early years of life. Sufficient vitamin D is required for bone growth and tooth development.

In addition to the normal diet, the Health Council of the Netherlands recommends taking 10 micrograms of extra vitamin D every day, for the following children:

  • All children aged 0-4 years
  • Children from 4 years old who do not get out enough
  • Children from 4 years old who have dark skin

Why is it important to take vitamin D with omega-3

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means that it is better absorbed when fat or oil is present, such as omega-3. Many studies have shown a synergistic (collaborative) effect of omega-3 and vitamin D, with positive results on cognition and behavior.