25 years of experience
Scientifically driven
No unnecessary additives

NewDay Heart:
✔ Supports heart health
✔ Higly concentrated natural omega-3
✔ Supports the muscles and the immunesystem
✔ With MenaQ7®, the ONLY clinically supported vitamin K2
✔ MenaQ7® is patented for cardiovascular health.
✔ Individually packed to provide the best quality


Proven combination of ingredients

Seeking out the nutrients that allow us to thrive is of paramount importance. Ideally we would get all of our nutrients from our diets, but that simply is not realistic. Not from a lack of dedication – our food supply is not as nutrient-rich as it once was, and some vitamins are difficult if not impossible to get from diet alone.

That is why finding a comprehensive, thoughtfully formulated supplement can be the answer for so many. New Day’s Omega-3, K2 & D3 contains the proven combination of ingredients shown to improve heart and bone health in clinically validated doses; a convenient way for users to take an important step for their health.

Clinically proven

An important point of differentiation for this product was the selection of MenaQ7® vitamin K2. MenaQ7® is the only K2 as MK-7 clinically proven to support both bone and cardiovascular health (used as the source material in 19+ human clinical trials), and is the only K2 as MK-7 patented for cardiovascular health.