NewDay® HMO Prebiotic

NewDay HMO prebiotic
✔ Supports mother and child
✔ Prebiotics stimulate the growth of "good" bacteria
✔ Easy to mix with food and drinks
✔ Vegetarian
✔ Individually packed in sachets to provide optimal quality and dose

NewDay HMO prebiotic

How can I improve the immune system of my child?

When your baby is born it recieves antibodies from you as his or her mother for protection.
Until 5 years old, your child is still vulnerable because the immunesystem is not totally developed. The right nutrition and a right amount of sleep are important for your childs immunesystem

So, what are HMO's?

HMO's (Human Milk Oligosaccarides) are non digestible carbohydrates from mothermilk that exist exclusively in breast milk and represent the third largest proportion after lactose and fats. There are approximately 200 types of HMOs, all of which differ in composition. The most common HMO is 2'-fucosyllactose (2'-FL), which exists in concentrations of around 3g/L. Scientific studies have shown that HMO's, particularly 2'-fucosyllactose, have health benefits for infants. Although breast milk is the best nutrition for infants, some mothers are unable to breastfeed. As an alternative, they can check if their formula contains HMO, if not, enriched it with HMO.

  • HMO's have a prebiotic role
  • Prebiotics stimulate the growth of "good" bacteria
  • "Prebiotic +", because it is very targeted

Did you know

70% of our immune system is located our intestines? The bacteria in the intestines are an important part of the immunesystem. Your child's diet helps creating "good" bacteria. Children who consume prebiotic fibers through food have mainly the good bacteria in the intestines. This is important for a properly functioning immune system.

The first years of your child's life are a once-only event, never to be repeated.
Let’s make them count. Start today, together with NewDay!