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When your baby is born, he or she will receive antibodies from you as a mother. Your child is still vulnerable until about 5 years old because a lot of the body is still underdeveloped.

Proper nutrition and enough sleep are essential for the immune system. When breastfeeding is no longer possible, HMO prebiotics can be a valuable addition.

What are HMOs?

HMOs (Human Milk Oligosaccarides) are the non-digestible carbohydrates (sugars) that occur exclusively in breast milk and represent the third largest proportion after lactose and fats.

There are about 200 types of HMOs, all of which differ in composition. The most common HMO is 2'-fucosyllactose (2'-FL), which is in approximately 3g per liter in breast milk.

Scientific studies have shown that these functional sugars, especially 2'-fucosyllactose, have health benefits for infants. Although breast milk is the best food for infants, some mothers cannot breastfeed. Alternatively, they can use bottle formula or supplement with breast milk coligosaccharides such as 2'-FL.

HMO Prebiotica sachets

HMO Prebiotic

✔ Good for mother and child
✔ Prebiotics stimulate the growth of "useful" bacteria
✔ Easy to mix by eating and drinking
✔ Vegetarian
✔ Individually packaged to ensure optimal dose and quality


What is 'prebiotic'? Why is it important?

Prebiotics stimulate the growth of "beneficial" bacteria in the gut, which is important for your immune system. Your child's diet helps to develop a healthy intestinal system and children who take prebiotics through a healthy diet have a lot of good bacteria in their intestines.

NewDay® HMO Prebiotic have been developed with care to support your baby in the early years of life - developed from nature.