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As a new mother you must also take care of yourself after delivery. It is important to eat healthily and exercise sufficiently in the postpartum period.

It is well known that proper nutrition before conception and during pregnancy is critical for maternal, fetal and later child health. The mother's diet is very important to meet the needs of both mother and the baby.

Did you know that during breastfeeding the need for some nutrients doubles, while your energy intake (calories) only increases a fraction? Your nutrient intake as a mother has consequences for the health of your child. Women often eat healthily during pregnancy, but often these habits stop after giving birth.

Are you getting everything you need?

It is common for women of all ages not to follow the recommendations of omega-3, vitamin D3 and folic acid.

According to European guidelines, the breastfeeding mother needs 200mg extra DHA, in addition to the recommended daily intake of 250mg omega-3.

This amounts to a daily dose of 450 mg omega-3. Extra vitamin D3 is also recommended during this phase, which among other things contributes to the absorption of calcium and the proper functioning of the immune system.

During breastfeeding, it is still important to take extra folic acid, according to the Nutrition Center.

Mama Complete omega-3 vitamin D3 supplement capsules

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NewDay Mama Complete

At NewDay we care about the health of both mother and child, which is why we have developed Mama Complete - a smart combination of important plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid, vitamin D3 and ginger. Specially developed by an expert team, for you as a mother (to be)! A well thought-out supplement in easy to swallow capsules.