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Support your nutritional needs before and during pregnancy

If you're reading this, you're probably pregnant or planning to get pregnant - and that's an exciting and fun phase!

It is well known that proper nutrition before conception and during pregnancy is important for maternal, fetal and later child health. The mother's diet is very important to meet the needs of both mother and the baby.

What are your prenatal needs?

Guidelines indicate an additional recommendation for:

  • Folic acid (vitamin B11)
  • Vitamin D3
  • Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA)

Why Folic acid and how much is necessary?

Folic acid reduces the risk of an open spine or an open skull. Folic acid is also important in the production of white and red blood cells and the growth and proper functioning of the body.

The advice before and during pregnancy is 400 micrograms of folic acid every day, where it is recommended to start about 4 weeks before the possible conception. NewDay® Mama Complete offers exactly the recommended amount.

Why omega-3 and how much is necessary?

During pregnancy, 200 mg of extra DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) is recommended in addition to the normal daily dose of 250 mg omega-3. In total, this amounts to a daily intake of 450 mg omega-3, to cover the needs of the mother and the fetus. This makes NewDay® Mama Complete unique. With a daily intake, omega-3 is good for the brain and heart of the mother and important for the development of the eyes and brain of the child.

Why vitamin D3 and how much is necessary?

For pregnant women, the advice is to take 10 mcg extra vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary to absorb calcium from the diet into the body. It is therefore important for the growth and maintenance of strong bones and teeth. In addition, vitamin D plays a role in the proper functioning of the muscles and the immune system.

Mama Complete omega-3 vitamin D3 supplement capsules

NewDay Mama Complete omega-3 + folic acid + vitamin D3

✔ The only prenatal supplement with 450 mg omega-3
✔ Supports brain and visual health of the mother
✔ Supports eye development of the (unborn) child
✔ Supports the development of the brains of the (unborn) child
✔ Plant-based algae omega-3
✔ Complies with the extra nutrient recommendations
✔ Individually packed to preserve optimal quality

NewDay Mama Complete

Why does NewDay® Mama Complete contain ginger?

Ginger is a well-known for its medicinal uses in stomach problems and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Ginger has received much attention for its therapeutic effect against nausea and vomiting.

Do I need extra iron?

You only need an iron supplement if you have an iron deficiency (which your doctor should diagnose). We believe that food should be varied in the first place and nutritional supplements should complement this. We evaluate where the extra needs lie, taking a careful look at which nutrients work well together. NewDay® Mama Complete is plant-based and contains essential nutrients for you and your (future) baby.