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Ingredient quality matters. Can you tell the difference?

For us, raw material quality is always the starting point for developing new products. Our ingredients are meticulously chosen to create the best possible supplements. The most recent innovation in this area is the development of vitamin K2 in the form of menaquinone-7.

MenaQ7 is one of the most studied vitamin K2 supplements researched by, among others, the University of Maastricht and Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

While many omega-3 supplements may look the same, variations in ingredients and manufacturing processes can result in large differences in product quality. Supplements range from the highest pharmaceutical quality to products of poor quality containing oxidized fish oil and possibly other contaminants.

By insisting on meticulous quality control and supplier evaluation, NewDay® takes careful steps to ensure the quality of its supplements. Here’s how we do it.

Key Steps to Providing NewDay® Quality

Illustration showing supplement manufacture process

NewDay® ensures quality by controlling the whole capsule manufacturing process.

Some producers buy ready-made capsules to sell under their brand name, meaning they do not have total control of quality.

Plant-based omega-3 fermentation illustration

NewDay® plant-based omega-3 is produced in a tightly closed system where microalgae oil is culivated in a scientifically controlled environment.

This helps maintain purity and prevents the introduction of contaminants.

Omega-3 capsule high percentage EPA DHA illustration

NewDay® fish oil supplements contain high percentages of omega-3 (60%) of which 50% is DHA or EPA.

Some other fish oils contain only 30% omega-3 with a lower percentage of DHA or EPA.

Omega-3 encapsulation under nitrogen illustration

NewDay® makes capsules under nitrogen to stop oxidization of omega-3 and packages them in individual blister packs to further preserve optimal quality.

Exposure to oxygen during manufacturing process can make omega-3 oil rancid or reduce its effectiveness.

Use your own senses

Apart from the factors listed above, your personal experience of taking supplement capsules can tell you a lot about quality.

Colour and smell indicating quality illustration

Don’t just take our word for it

Our strict manufacturing conditions and quality processes are independently certified by independent organisations representing the omega-3 industry, sustainable marine production and responsible practice in the raw materials industry.
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By focusing on high quality nutrition formulas that meet your daily requirements, NewDay continues to support your essential health needs and lifestyle.

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